Oct 17 2016

New News, Who Knew?

After announcing my new pregnancy i immediately received an influx of inquiries from potential clients, however the majority didn't want to book a session until my baby bump was showing and this got me thinking.. What do men really think then they see a pregnant escort..? One Gent answered my question well- First, it's wrong. Pregnant women are meant to be mothers in training, chaste and committed to motherhood. So for them to be explicitly sexual is hot. It is dirty. Second, we know that being pregnant can sometimes bring a period of increased sexual interest, physically. And there is nothing we fetishists like more than an uncontrollably horny person. Third, being pregnant is a sign that you are taken- a pretty powerful one. If she is pregnant it represents HIS commitment, making her even more desirable. I don't like cheating. But I love people who are desirable to many people. This is something a lot of fetishists play with. Very rarely in this industry does the opportunity to experience intimacy with a pregnant woman arise.One of the most sought after and requested fetishes is pregnancy. I find this female adoration very flattering. Over my years of escorting I have seen gentlemen constantly search for pregnant escorts. I decided to share my journey with you and open my personal world in sharing this unique and rare gift with you. After the first trimester I will have a photoshoot to show off my belly. Look forward to seeing you soon! Xx Stephanie